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21- Day Breath-Camp with Chrissy

  • 21Days


Monday - Friday (Oct 3rd - Oct 23rd) 7:00am - 7:15am Location: Online via ZoomCost: $39.99 Master your mind and emotions in 21 days through a comprehensive and transformational breath-work program designed for beginners and advanced students. You will learn the fundamentals, science-based, easy-to-apply & effective breath-work methods to; support your emotional and nervous system, help decrease anxiety, stress, & depression, improve your sleeping habits, increase your energy, focus & immune system functions, while helping regulate your digestion, metabolism, and circulation. Week 1:Learning How to Breath Again. You will get familiar with your breath, patterns and learn how to control your breath while using it as a comprehensive tool in your daily life. Practices include Abdominal breathing, Thoracic Breathing, Full Yogic Breath & Ujjayi Breath Week 2: The Practice of Pranayama & Clarity You will begin to integrate the practice of Pranayama (proper controlled breathing) & begin to incorporate Anuolma Viloma, alternate nostril breathing, bringing the body's energy system into equilibrium. You will learn to reduce your heart rate, cool your nerves, increase patience, peace & clarity Week 3: Cleansing Through the Breath: Integration You will deepen your practice & introduce one last integral piece of the pranayama practice: Kapalbhati a powerful Pranayama technique; used by yogis to cleanse and clear the mind all while supporting the digestive system.

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